Clifton Contracting – A Basement Exterior Waterproofing Expert Warranty You Can Count On


At Exterior Waterproofing Experts in Northern VA, we are proud to stand by our work. Clifton Contracting offers THE strongest warranty in the Washington DC Metro Area. We perform excellent work. And we believe if you perform excellent, solid work you should be able to stand behind your product – and we do. Our warranty policy is as described below for all written and signed contracts. Compare our warranty with other contractors. You’ll see why we say our customers state that we are Setting the Gold Standard in Drainage Systems, Waterproofing, Hardscaping, and Landscaping.

  • Hardscapes (Patios, Pavers, Flagstone, Concrete, etc.): 5-Year Warranty
  • Plants and Trees: First Growing Season
  • Retaining Walls: 5-Year Warranty
  • Exterior (Yard) Drainage Systems: 10-Year Warranty
  • SOD Installation: 30-Day Warranty
  • Basement Waterproofing: Lifetime Warranty on sub floor system / 2-year warranty on pumps.

Lifetime Foundation Wall Waterproofing Warranty
Clifton Contracting warrants that the below-grade foundation walls will not leak in the area repaired when fully excavated and waterproofed. Pumps warranted for 3 years.

Exclusion to Waterproofing Warranty
Foundation waterproofing is not a remedy for a rising groundwater table and therefore any water penetration from groundwater rising from below is excluded from this warranty.

Drain Pipe Installation
Clifton Contracting warrants that the buried drain pipes will be free from defects in the area repaired for a period of 10 years.

Exclusive Remedy
Under this warranty, Clifton Contracting will be responsible solely for materials and workmanship to repair the claim.

This warranty does not apply and Clifton Contracting shall not be responsible for wet basement leakage or drainage pipe defects resulting from:

  • Any damage to the coated walls or applied coating including damage caused by alterations or penetrations (pipes, cables, ducts, etc.) unless previously treated by Clifton Contracting.
  • Condensation on the interior walls or utility pipes.
  • Extreme weather conditions such as flooding.
  • Infiltration from above-grade sources.
  • Damage to drainage systems by others.
  • Defective or inadequate existing interior, exterior drainage system.
  • Sewer backup caused by city or other old sewers.
  • Waterline breaks due to freezing.

Claims Procedure
Any claim under this limited warranty shall be initiated by providing Clifton Contracting with written notification within (30) days of discovering the claim. Upon written notification Clifton Contracting will make a prompt inspection and evaluation in order to perform its obligations, if any, as stated in this warranty. Clifton Contracting shall not, under any circumstances, be liable for incidental or consequential damages, including, but not limited to damage to the structure or its contents.

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